DK Office Consulting and Services

DK Office Consulting and Services Provides Technology and Management Solution Services, Backed by Years of Experience in Problem-Solving Techniques.

Are You Starting a New Business?

We can develop an approach that will fit in your strategic business plan. Through this process, your business can avoid up-front problems and headaches normally associated with new business start up and development  

Do You Have an Existing Business with Challenges?

I recognize that dissolving existing business problems can also yield potential savings !

Here's what I offer to your business, both in the short and long term!

General Technology Services

bullet Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair
bullet Network Development and Implementation, Including Documentation and Ongoing Maintenance
bullet Develop Solutions and Installation Services for Computer Hardware and Software Purchases
bullet Create, Develop, and Provide Professional Business Documentation, Tailored to Meet Specific Business Needs:
  •    Business Schedules and Calendars
  •    Specialized Databases
  •    Payroll Accounting/Inventory Control/Ordering Systems
  •    Spreadsheets/Databases
  •    Analytical Charts
  •    Advertising Flyers/Brochures
  •    Presentations (Variety of Media)

Develop and Deploy Business Technology Solutions

Throughout this process, your business can avoid up-front problems and headaches associated with new business development. We will dissolve existing business problems, which can yield your business potential savings !

bulletON-SITE Computer Troubleshooting
bulletSoftware Instruction/Training for a Variety of Programs and Situations ... Tailored to YOUR Unique Business’s Needs!
bulletTechnology Planning to Meet Your Needs Today and Tomorrow
bulletDevelop Business Workflow Systems -- To Work SMARTER, not HARDER
bulletDatabase Development and Implementation
bulletSoftware Installation and Troubleshooting
bulletSystem and Network Administration